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About Us

Azarhia designs and manufactures fashion forward athletic shorts & shirts. Our prints and designs, from classic to trendy, are available on shorts and t-shirts in both "ready-to-wear" or "customized collections". Customizing allows you to mix and match our prints and designs to your colors and logos.

In high school Lynn took an art class and loved it. The teacher painted t-shirts which gave her the inspiration to create her own designs. Stocked with art supplies provided by her mother, she created her designs with masking tape and jewels - her version of screen printing - and proceeded to destroy the family ping pong table and the game room sink. She'd sell her shirts and her mom would replenish the needed supplies out of pocket.

"I cannot say enough about my mom!! She has always been my 
greatest fan.  She let me create & push never know what can come of it." 


Lynn Schoondergang 
Lynn is head of production, marketing, channel development, product development, customer relationship management, sales and design. Lynn has a BBA in Entrepreneurial Management from Texas A&M University. Lynn owned retail stores in the Fort Worth-Dallas metroplex for 12 years before starting Azarhia. Before that, she worked in restaurant management and administration. 

Eric Schoondergang 
Eric oversees graphics, data, technical support and design support. Eric has an MS in Finance from Texas A&M University and a BBA in Finance from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He has worked as a financial analyst, computer graphics technician, photo lab technician and photographer.


Joy, a Dachshund-mix, provides emotional support and announces visitors.



Izzy, a rescue Miniature Pinscher, loves walks, running and jumping in the river.  She is the life of the party kind of dog.



Jed, a Jack Russell, and only boy, is a complete mess.  He is full throttle & a complete love bug.  We have recently employed a dog trainer to help with Jed's inability to "get along with others."  It is coming along great.