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Azarhia is your go-to supplier for fashion-forward and highly unique girl’s athletic wear. We specialize in creating unique athletic wear for girls, and customized unisex collections for camp, school, and everyday wear, from festive shorts and skirts to spirited matching sets. From design to manufacturing, we create everything in-house, resulting in one-of-a-kind prints and designs that set us apart from the rest. Our designs perfectly cater to a full spectrum of tastes, ranging from classic to trendy and everywhere in between. While customizing allows you to mix prints and perfectly match your colors or logo, we also have plenty of ready-to-wear collections of all our top-selling designs. 

Our founder, Lynn Schoondergang, has always held a deep passion for art and design. Introduced to art through classes in high school and encouraged by her mother, who stocked her full of supplies, Lynn began creating designs at home from masking tape and jewels. After ruining the family ping pong table and game room sink, she moved on to successfully selling her designs, and a passion was born.

Azarhia is a direct derivative of Lynn’s love for art. What began as a retail shop in Fort Worth is now a manufacturer supplying other retail shops around the country, all stemming from the support of a loving mother. “She let me create & push myself...you never know what can come of it." - Lynn

Ultimately, what “came of it” was Azarhia. We invite you to explore, get inspired, and let us know how we can help create the perfect design for you or your loved one. 

Happy shopping!

The Azarhia Team

Lynn & Eric Schoondergang

Not only is Lynn Azarhia’s founder, but she is also head of production, marketing, channel development, customer care, sales, and design - to name a few! Lynn has a BBA in Entrepreneurial Management from Texas A&M University and began her career in restaurant management and administration. She then moved to retail, owning and operating retail stores in the Fort Worth-Dallas metroplex for 12 years before ultimately founding Azarhia. 

Lynn’s husband Eric oversees web development, accounting & payroll, data analysis, and technical & design support. Eric has an MS in Finance from Texas A&M University and a BBA in Finance from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He has worked as a financial analyst, computer graphics technician, photo lab technician, and photographer.


Izzy, a rescue Miniature Pinscher, loves walks, running and jumping in the river.  She is the life of the party kind of dog.


Jed, a Jack Russell, is a complete mess.  He is full throttle & a total love bug. 

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